Broker Incentives

Incentivizing Your Future: Professional Development Programs 

Understanding Your Strengths to Build upon Your Weaknesses 

By the time you onboard with Gryphon, you will have provided us with an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. These will provide an initial roadmap for you and your Designated Broker to determine the programs and training that will best bring out your skill sets as a broker. 

Rewards for Participation, Interaction, and Information Sharing 

We believe that active brokers close more transactions. To help achieve activity and production, brokers are provided the opportunity to earn credits for actively seeking knowledge. You can receive credits for attending and participating in training sessions as well as providing information and resources to the group. These credits can be redeemed for gift cards, cash, or you can use them to reward other people for their hard work. 

Rewards for Growth and Development 

People who take calculated risks to improve their craft should be rewarded. Therefore, brokers who take those risks will earn credits for successfully applying new knowledge and skills in their practice as a broker. 

Growing Wealth through Partnerships 

Brokers can use their credits to invest in opportunities presented by the IVC and receive a return based on the amount invested. This helps the IVC acquire and complete more projects and gain more assets for their portfolio. Brokers have the opportunity to participate and learn about several forms of wealth creation through different asset classes.

Take Advantage of our Programs 

All our programs are meticulously designed to provide brokers the maximum benefit in realizing fast, efficient real estate transactions, attainment of commissions, and offering the best training and incentives to foster a successful career. New brokers have direct access to our most experienced Designated Brokers to close their first transactions quickly and learn from the best. Experienced brokers work directly with Gryphon’s partner Investment Client that purchases 50-100 properties per year to remodel and resell, providing opportunities for transactions, recapitalization, wealth generation, and additional inventory for your personal clients. All brokers are able to participate in our training, prospecting, and production programs designed to maximize learning experiences, transactions, and commission dollars in the shortest timeframe possible through our intra-referral systematics and dynamic, fluid teams. Additionally, all brokers have 7 day a week access to full time dedicated support from our Administrative staff.