Gryphon Technology

Giving You the Tools and Applications to Take Your Career to New Heights

Gryphon Real Estate provides agents with technological advantages other brokerages cannot provide. While other brokerages may have a lot of technology available, our tech provides the freedom to choose how and where you conduct business and develop professionally. Below is just an overview of the technological tools available to you as a Gryphon agent.

The Basics

  • A branded email address
  • A complete subscription to Office 365 and its apps
    • E.g. OneNote, Word, Bookings, Tasks, Sway, Planner,
  • Ability to download office and teams to your phone, tablet, and other personal computers
  • Access to Microsoft OneDrive for file storage
  • Access to Microsoft Teams, the communication and information sharing platform for Gryphon and its sister companies
  • Access to participate in the company VIRS rewards platform

Additionally, brokers have access to Gryphon’s proprietary programs and applications!

Advanced Individualized Communication and Marketing Tools

  • Use Microsoft Teams to hold video conferences with clients and other agents
  • A personalized website page
  • Direct communication with Gryphon’s partner Investment Client that purchases 50-100 properties per year to remodel and resell, providing recapitalization opportunities and additional inventory for your clients
  • Chicago Title’s Walking Farm and other farming applications as well as Homesnap, Corefact, Breakthrough Broker and other marketing tools to help you creatively prospect for and market to clients
  • Virtual Floor Time—take potential client calls from anywhere through our web-based telecommunication system

Communication and Information Sharing

  • Use our social media and group events as opportunities to build your own professional social media following
  • 24/7 access to the Knowledge Center and the TCS root system found on Microsoft Teams for transaction assistance and other real estate questions you may have, giving you an edge in the real estate industry
  • 24/7 on-demand access to other agents, the Designated and Managing Broker, and full time dedicated Administrators through Microsoft Teams to assist you with your business

Training and Professional Development

  • Use the company VIRS reward platform and exchange to earn rewards for your work and to maximize your commission dollars by having your clients purchase homes from the IVC’s resell inventory
  • Always know your future by using the online financial calculator to keep your goals on track. Leverage your results to choose your career path and build upon your strengths to eliminate your weaknesses.
  • Live, online, and archived training in MS Teams to provide you with transactional, legal, and topical real estate training
  • Based on your experience, learn about investments to help you stop transaction chasing and build true sustainable wealth

Gryphon’s Portal and Platform

  • Home ownership is often the largest single asset of a client’s life and should be treated with the utmost care. Here at Gryphon, we believe a broker can only sufficiently represent a client if they have knowledge and experience of the culture and people that make up the client’s specific area.
  • Gryphon’s Platform sets us apart from the rest of the industry by providing you a space to collaborate and access the collective knowledge, information, and experiences of everyone in the brokerage.
    • One broker’s expertise of a particular area’s culture and people will be shared, allowing you to learn from them and become an expert in all areas to truly represent your clients sufficiently.
  • Gryphon’s Portal provides you with the tools necessary to optimize your training and professional development from your first day, guiding you through all aspects of being a broker.
    • We use scenario based, real time data analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses and help maximize your training opportunities, generation of business and income, time efficiency in servicing your clients, and more.
  • By utilizing the data analytics of the Portal and shared information and knowledge of the Platform together, you are able develop as a broker very rapidly, becoming more efficient, servicing your clients better, learning about the culture, people, and market aspects that substantiate your areas, and sharing that knowledge and experience with the rest of the group to benefit all our clients and the organization as a whole.