Integral Organics Program

Maximizing Recapitalization:

The IVC’s Integral Organics (I/O) Program 

The I/O program brings together Gryphon’s partner Investment Client (IVC), intermediate brokerages, and intermediate to advanced agents to interact, participate, and conduct extensive pre-analytics using brokerage provided 3rd party tools to build an efficient social group of clientele and produce mass amounts of business.

Program Highlights 

  • I/O uses collaborative virtual analytics-based prospecting to convert pooled client groups at a maximized efficiency rating of 90% or greater for the brokerage or direct purchases for the IVC to recapitalize within the SG system. 
    • No longer mass target 100 prospects and only get 3-5% conversion. Instead through brokerage tools and mechanisms prospect 5 and achieve all 5 as transactional clients now or cyclical. 
  • Social Groups (SG) formed from IONA in solidification and affiliations share their knowledge and information with each other to benefit the group in business referrals and transactions  
    • Unified Social Group production creates direct capitalization for the I/O SG, and opens IVC asset recapitalization opportunities for the brokerage and the SG. 
  • The IVC provides the capital to procure asset classified properties and execute recapitalization processes 
  • Gryphon Designated Brokers (DBs) and Development Team Leads (DTLs) provide knowledge and experience from their transactional history to help Gryphon Transaction Analysts (GTAs) navigate all the pre-analytics, coefficients, and prospect rankings to secure maximize efficiency of work and time spent through a pre-cultivated pooled client list. 
    • GTAs work within directions from their DB/DTL SGs and the IVC Calculation and Reseller SGs to fully understand the capitalization, utilization, and conversion approach to a nurtured pooled client. 
  • System of Referrals 
    • In the I/O Program, GTAs can refer production in the event they become overloaded, to establish an even more extensive referral system that mirrors into the IONA program. 
  • Advancement 
    • As GTAs continue to cultivate their pooled client list through brokerage programs, methodologies and tools, the end client product will take them into the Advanced Brokerages and open recapitalization opportunities for highly select clientele.