The Buying Process

Thank you for allowing us to help you in the purchase of your home! We understand that purchasing a home can be a very demanding task. Gryphon Real Estate’s skilled agents are local area specialists trained with the knowledge of your specific area. We utilize global tools and resources with our proprietary coefficients and analytics to ensure you purchase your home on the best terms possible.

What Makes Gryphon Better than Other Brokerages?

  • Data Analytics and Technology: It is not just the numbers, but how we use them to assist you with effectively locating your new home and providing you with a positive buying experience.
  • Social Groups and Partnerships: Gryphon uses social groups built on correlational coefficients to connect you with compatible sellers and has built relationships with preferred vendors to ensure an efficient close.
  • Available Resources, Tools and Teamwork: Gryphon agents are never alone. They have efficient lines of direct communication to the most experienced agents, including their Designated Broker, to help you complete your home purchase quickly.

Gryphon Agents Have the Best Market Data Available Anywhere

Markets shift and change. Some months are great for buyers, some months are great for sellers. Over the past two decades, The founder of Gryphon Real Estate collected, charted, and analyzed a copious amount of sales data, volume data, and other real estate metrics.

Through this analysis, trends in the market began to emerge, and trainings and resources for Gryphon agents to use were derived. You can rely on your Gryphon agent to have access to these trends and the sociopolitical forces behind them to help anticipate the best times to plan your purchase and maximize your ability to negotiate and receive the best terms for your new home.

Have confidence: Your Gryphon agent has the information necessary to master the rhythms of selling and purchasing in the areas you want to purchase in through the application of data. Your Gryphon agent will help you secure the home you want for the best possible price.

Gryphon Agents Utilize Their Partners

Real estate transactions can be complicated. Inspections, escrow, title, lending: all these processes can be daunting if you attempt it alone or if your agent does not have a cache of people to help you complete your transaction.

  • Gryphon Real Estate’s Investment Client purchases 50-100 properties per year to remodel and resell, providing you additional inventory to choose from. Additionally, if you have a home to sell, the IVC may even purchase your home based on your circumstances. Let us know how we can help!
  • If you are not finding the home you want in the areas you are searching in, Gryphon has relationships with companies that can analyze the areas to find the homeowners who are statistically more likely to sell.
  • Gryphon agents have preferred lenders, title and escrow agents, inspectors, and other professionals to ensure that you close on time and within your budget.

Purchasing a home need not be a time-consuming process. You may always use the service providers you want. However, if you do not have a preference, let us utilize our partnership to serve you.

Preferred Partners

Gryphon’s Partner Investment Client (IVC): Capitalization and Recapitalization Services

Working as a binary pair with Gryphon, the IVC purchases properties for its real estate investment portfolio. Gryphon provides real estate services to facilitate the transactions, and has access to more inventory sources than other brokerages to ensure you find the home you truly want.

Chicago Title: Title and Escrow Services

Escrow is the process wherein the Buyer and Seller deposit written instructions, documents, and funds with a neutral third party until certain conditions of the sale are fulfilled.

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection: Inspection Services

A home inspection should be a part of every real estate transaction, whether buying or selling.

Gryphon Brokerages Are Truly a Team

Gryphon agents are elite agents who are highly skilled and well-trained. However, that does not mean they have experienced every scenario or have the answer to every question. Laws, policies, and guidelines change. Gryphon Real Estate provides 24/7 access to people and resources to ensure that your questions get answered quickly and accurately, providing you with piece of mind.

Gryphon agents have access to a portal which affords them access to their Metric Table Analysis and behavioral coefficients in order to provide you with the maximization of the most positive experience of purchasing a home. Moreover, this portal contains information and on-the-spot training for transactional questions if the agent needs it. Agents also have constant access to their Designated Broker and other experienced agents through the platform’s communication portal. This information sharing allows for consistent and constant update of information and knowledge which is conferred to you, resulting in a seamless and satisfying purchase experience.

Gryphon works singularly with its Investment Client to connect their project inventory to our clients.

We believe that each agent’s success is our own success. Gryphon Real Estate wants its agents and its clients to close their transactions quickly and effortlessly. Let us work on your behalf to help you purchase your home.

Don’t know where to begin? Use the article below to help you begin learning about the process. When you are ready, please reach out to any one of our well-qualified agents and we will be more than happy to help you.

Want to see our timeline/infographic of the buying process? Click here!