The Kennedys Buy a House

  • Step 1


    The Kennedy family meets with a Gryphon agent to describe their home purchasing needs. The agent provides a strategic plan to accomplish purchasing their dream home and offers to connect them with a mortgage lender.

  • Step 2

    Market Trends

    The Gryphon agent uses proprietary data and analytics for the areas the Kennedys have selected. The Kennedys are provided the available inventory, whether on-market or off-market, in their selected areas and informed about the market trends over strategic periods of time to determine the best strategy for purchasing their home.

  • Step 3


    The Gryphon agent and the Kennedys tour several homes to find one in which they wish to place an offer. The Gryphon agent also checks their partner Investment Client’s inventory to determine if any properties fit the Kennedy's needs. The Kennedys submit an offer, and after properly negotiating terms, the offer is accepted for purchase.

  • Step 4

    Finalize Contract

    Once the property is under contract the following processes occur: The agents forward all sales documents to the escrow team to manage the paperwork through closing. If they wish, the Kennedys may order an inspection of the home they are purchasing. The sellers and the Kennedys negotiate repairs to be completed. After the sellers complete the necessary repairs, the lender orders an appraisal to verify the value of the loan. The Kennedys perform a final walkthrough of the home prior to signing and closing.